Finding Your Dog

How do you find the dog that is a perfect fit for you?

Finding the right dog takes some research. First you need to understand the commitment to time, patience and effort that’s required to raise a dog as a new family member. Educate yourself on the dog’s behavior and needs for attention, nutrition and health care. Talk with friends, breeders, dog adoption groups and veterinarians to get an idea about the history and breed characteristics as well as what activities, time and energy it will need from you.

Buy from a responsible breeder

When you’ve identified the breed you want, find dedicated breeders whose goal in raising puppies is to improve their physical and behavioral traits, as well as educating new owners on the care required for that breed. Our benched show provides a unique opportunity to meet more than 100 different breeds with over 1,000 dogs from around the world. The Golden Gate Kennel Club encourages dog seekers to experience different breeds first hand and talk with the breeders who are knowledgeable dog lovers and can answer all questions to make sure a particular breed is the right fit for you. Read More »

Dog Adoption Groups

Shelters: Shelters are a good place to find loveable dogs of all ages (including purebreds) who are in need of loving homes. Most shelter pets have already acquired basic house training that may make raising your four-footed friend easier. Understanding past behaviors and health issues are important considerations in adoptions.

Rescue Organizations: Rescue organizations are dedicated to animal welfare yet may not have a dedicated facility to house adoptable dogs. Volunteers or staff members often provide temporary, in-home care through a network of private foster homes. These foster parents learn a lot about a dog’s personality and behaviors which are valuable in assuring a good fit for you.

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All American former shelter dog wins National Agility Championship!
All American former shelter dog wins National Agility Championship!